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12 Holiday craft fails prove Pinterest parenting isn’t realistic

It’s fall, and you’re a mom. If you’re like every other red-blooded mom in America, you probably have loads of mom-petition on your Facebook news feed. You may try your hand at a few holiday crafts to prove you don’t suck as a parent. If you’ve tried and failed again and again, these Pinterest holiday craft fails will make you feel much better.

Moms, can we all agree that Pinterest isn’t for mere mortals? I too love daydreaming and pinning and drinking wine whilst wearing yoga pants, but after a few hours of this nonsense, I have to slap myself back to reality. There’s no way I’m going to make 99 percent of these elaborate (albeit adorable) Pinterest crafts in real life with any measure of success.

If you are a mom who has mastered Pinterest, my hat is off to you. I’ll probably weep with jealousy as I eat your deconstructed caramel apples on our next playdate and pretend that I don’t see the festive, funky handmade fall wreath hanging on your door. You are the exception to the rule. The rest of us pin holiday crafts with no intention of making them or with the delusion that fairies may come into our house in the middle of the night to do it for us. I normally lean toward option number two.

If you also suck at Pinterest, we are in this together. These holiday craft fails will make you feel better about every time your Pinterest projects have shamed your name.

1. The word “mumpkin” should have tipped you off

2. Festive fall child-proofing

3. Rumored to keep solicitors away

Wreath fail |

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4. “Glitter, y u no go on pumpkin?”

Glitter fail |

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5. Basic mom T-shirt scarf: Do not try this at home

6. You can’t un-see this

7. One wrong move, and you have a beautiful Christmas crime scene on your hands

8. Cherish it

9. You had one job

10. If only Christmas cards were this realistic

11. Realistic Christmas cards part II: Nailed it

12. Holiday slippers made out of maxi pads — guaranteed fail

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