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11-year-old dancer Taylor Hatala has internet freaking out over song choice

Amazingly talented Taylor Hatala is not being judged for her incredible dancing skills but for the fact that she performs her routine to Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda,” which is probably about anal sex.

Pearl clutchers, get your pearls ready, because you will be so unhappy with this young girl at Kore Dance Studio in Alberta, Canada, performing an amazing routine with her instructor to the dulcet tones of Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda,” which samples Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hit from 1992, “Baby Got Back.”

Taylor is amazing, no question about it, and before all of you get all upset about the song choice, you need to harken back to the days of yore when you were 11 years old and what you were rocking out to on your cassette player while you were writing in your slam book or doing math equations. I’m going to take a guess that it wasn’t The Wiggles or instrumental lullabies. For me it was probably Prince, who, you may remember, composed age-appropriate little songs about female masturbation and condom usage. Or Madonna, who composed songs about unwanted pregnancies and virginity. Pop music is filthy, pop music should be filthy, and that is why it is fun for all the young people to listen to it.

The YouTube commenters are having none of it and believe this routine performed to this song is pretty much the worst thing in the world: 

More strippers and prostitutes!

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Pure Gross

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Call CPS!

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I’m going to assume that Taylor has some sort of parental unit looking after her. I’m going to assume this parental unit also cares a lot about Taylor, considering they encourage her to attend classes at this dance studio and work on her amazing talent. Sure, it may have been a better choice to pick the radio edit of the song for this age demographic, but big whoop. The only concern at this point is which dance company Taylor should be considering in her future.

Pop music is sexy and sexualized, and music videos run rampant with suggestive themes and scantily clad performers and all sorts of questionable messages to our kids. Just because a kid performs a routine to a song doesn’t mean she will suddenly start using her friend as a pair of bongos.

Butt slaps |

I’m sure Taylor’s guardian or parent has discussed this with her, and for all we know, Taylor just likes the song because it’s fun and she can dance to it. This is just not something to freak out over, unless you are freaking out over what a great dancer this kid is.

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