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Your daughter shouldn’t train to be Batman’s wife

We should be empowering and inspiring our daughters to be anything they want to be. Too bad Walmart wants them to aspire to be “Batman’s Wife.”

Well, here’s a lame T-shirt that doesn’t belong on any tween or teen. A T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Training To Be Batman’s Wife.” In pink, of course. First of all, what girl wants to be Batman’s wife? It isn’t like he is some emotionally adjusted human, not prone to bouts of anger or in a dangerous line of work. But besides that, is that the most we can hope for our girls? That they marry Batman? What happened to wanting them to grow up to be Batwoman or Wonder Woman or Spider-Woman or their own hero? Of course Walmart doesn’t carry any shirts that read “Training to be Wonder Woman’s husband” or anything for young men, because we all know boys can grow up to be heroes instead of the spouse of a hero.

It’s so absurd to me that shirts like this are still created, because I can’t think of any parent who would buy one for their kid or any kid who would want to wear one. When you are young you still believe you can grow up to be anything you want, and I think even girls who dream of one day getting married have aspirations above and beyond that. Yeah, Batman is cool, but this dumb sexist T-shirt isn’t. And it’s not the type of message we should be exposing our girls to.

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