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These Cinematic Pumpkin-Carving Templates Will Be a Huge Hit

Sure, holiday traditions have their place. But there’s no reason to stick to the old-fashioned jack-o’-lantern-style pumpkins of the past. Yes, there’s the nostalgia factor, but those carvings can be tough to execute (the faces seem to want to cave in), and even — dare we say it? — a little boring. Especially to little kids.

So why not step up your carving game with some movie templates? Because Angry Birds and Frozen-inspired pumpkins are infinitely more exciting than a sad carving that’s barely recognizable as a face. And before you and your kids get all intimidated by how complicated an Elsa or Groot pumpkin might look, know this: They’re surprisingly easy to pull off.

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All kids have to do is choose a character, download and print the template, and get to carving.

Angry Birds

Image: Columbia Pictures

We keep thinking the Angry Birds craze will end, but it hasn’t happened yet. To feed their addiction, indulge your kids in some bird-throwing hijinks.

Angry Bird 1

Angry birds
Image: SheKnows Design

Print Angry Bird 1 here.

Angry Bird 2

Angry birds
Image: SheKnows Design

Print Angry Bird 2 here.

Angry Bird 3

Angry birds
Image: SheKnows Design

Print Angry Bird 3 here.

Next up: Finding Dory

Originally published September 2014. Updated September 2017.

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