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Cops discover 5-month-old baby in the trunk during a traffic stop

We’ve all imagined what we’d do to get out of a ticket. I always picture telling the cop something like, “Bees, I had bees all over me.” But a Florida mom took trying to get out of a ticket to horrific extremes when she hid her little baby in the trunk. With hedge clippers. And a gas can.

The best way to avoid getting ticketed for not having a baby in a car seat is to use a car seat. You’re literally gambling with your baby’s life if you drive around without any kind of safety restraint. And don’t tell me your parents drove you home from the hospital on the luggage rack. Today’s cars drive faster, for longer distances on roads that are more congested. It’s not safe, period. That’s why it’s against the law.

19-year-old South Florida mom Breona Watkins must have known she was in for a whopping ticket when she got pulled over. That’s when, according to Broward Sheriff’s deputies, she made a major error in judgement. She reportedly asked a minor in the car to push the infant into the trunk through an opening in the back seat.

The deputy who pulled Watkins over heard a crying sound from the trunk despite Watkins’ seemingly flawless plan. When he investigated, he found the baby resting on a virtual cornucopia of danger. We’re talking a rusted metal hanger, a gasoline can, plastic bags, a tire iron, and cutting shears. It’s like the owner of the car was putting together a collection of everything your mother ever warned you not to play with.

Thanks to her enormous lapse in good sense, Watkins has been charged with much more than driving a baby around with no car seat. Charges include child abuse and operating a vehicle without a license. It’s always awful when a parent is separated from a child for making a mistake, but in this case it truly sounds like the mom wasn’t capable of making any kinds of decisions in the baby’s best interests.

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