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4-Year-old agonizes over first heartbreak, and it’s absolutely precious (VIDEO)

Heartbreak is never easy — especially not when you’re a toddler, apparently! Watch this little dude learn his love, Emily, has moved on.


It’s wrong to laugh, but there is something so insanely sweet about this 4-year-old boy Milo learning that his crush, Emily, has fallen for another boy. I’m not a sadist, I don’t, as a rule, like seeing kids reduced to tears, but his reaction is so genuine and heartfelt. It’s like a baby having all-grown-up feelings and it’s totally touching and sweet. Can you imagine what a romantic this kid is going to grow up to be? Watch as his mom carefully explains to him that just because Emily’s got a new friend, there’s no reason the two of them can’t still talk.

Kudos to that mom for not chuckling. My favorite part is when the toddler insists — as they are driving down the road — that they stop and call Emily right now. The kid is seriously one tube of black lipstick away from going full goth with emotions and I totally love it. Emily doesn’t know what she’s missing. Would that my boyfriend cried that way when he heard I was talking to someone else on the phone.

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