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Make your own dreamcatcher with this simple tutorial

Dreamcatchers were originally made by the Ojibwe Native American tribe from tree branches. String is used to make a web that’s wound across the loop, with a hole left in the middle. The idea is to hang the dreamcatcher over a child’s bed or crib, as it’s supposed to catch nightmares in its webs while allowing the good dreams to escape through the middle hole and enter the child’s sleeping mind. Follow this tutorial for your own DIY dreamcatcher. Feel free to use colors to match the decor of your room.


Thanksgiving dream catch | - supplies

  • Jewelry wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Beads


1. Cut wire

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 1

Start off by using your wire cutters to cut a piece of wire about 12 inches long.

2. Shape wire

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 2

Shape your wire into a round circle. If you’re having trouble shaping it into a perfect circle, you can find a round object such as a small pot or vase. Then with your pliers, bend back the ends of the wire to form a latch.

3. Cut ribbon

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 3

Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 2 yards long. Tie it to your round wire frame with a secure knot.

4. Wrap ribbon

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 4

Wrap the ribbon around the wire frame until you have gone all the way around.

5. Tie off ribbon

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 4

Tie off your ribbon with a loop on the end. This will serve as a hanger for your dreamcatcher.

6. Cut string

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 6

Measure and cut a piece of string that is about 3 yards in length. Tie the end securely to your circular wire frame.

7. Stretch the string

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 7

Working clockwise, stretch the string to a spot a few inches down the wire frame and loop it around the frame. Stretch the string a few inches to the right and loop it around the frame again. Continue making loops that are evenly spaced apart until you reach the beginning. The thread between the looped peaks should be slightly loose. It will be pulled tight as you continue weaving.

8. Weave string and add beads

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 8

Once you have gone all the way around the wire frame, take the end of the string and weave it under the loop created between the first and second looped peaks. Make a “hitch” by using the thread to make a loop over the loose string. After making the first hitch, make another hitch at the thread between the second and third knots. Continue weaving the thread in this manner until you have made a hitch at the thread between every knot. As a special touch, you can add beads between the hitches.

9. Tie off the string

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 9

When you have woven the web down to a tiny circle in the middle, tie the end of the thread over the place where you would have made the final hitch. Make a double knot to ensure it won’t come undone. Pull it tightly and snip off the end.

10. Add feathers

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 10

Now to add some decorative elements. Take a few feathers and tie them together with a piece of string.

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 11

Tie your feathers to the bottom of your dreamcatcher with a double knot.

11. Hang and enjoy

Thanksgiving dream catch | - step 12

Hang your dreamcatcher above your bed to ward away those bad dreams and spirits!

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