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Snooki’s getting a mom tattoo — on her neck

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed she is planning on getting a neck tattoo — well, actually a few of them — to honor her kids. The pregnant Jersey Shore alum also goes on the defense on people who call out moms with tattoos as “trashy.”

Snooki has decided to get a new tattoo to honor her baby girl (who is due to be born at any time), and has decided to get it on her neck because, well, she is running out of spots.

“I really want to get a new tattoo. I have a few tattoos. A couple on my arms, back… I got a tramp stamp that was my first tattoo but whatever, I love it! The next tattoo I’m thinking can go on my neck, but I want it to resemble my kids… so Lorenzo and my baby girl who will be arriving soon,” Snooki writes on her website, revealing that she wants to have three to four kids so she wants to be able to add on to her tattoo.

“Every time I have a baby, I want to add to that tattoo. So I’m thinking cute little birdies on my neck with their initials,” she writes, saying she wants something original and meaningful. “It’s just something that you’re going to have forever and you’re always going to look at it and think OMG, I love my babies so much,” she continues.

Mom tattoos aren’t exactly new — in fact, I wrote an entire article on the many celebrity moms with tattoos. Angelina Jolie is one of the most notable, as she has the coordinates of all six of her kids’ birthplaces tattooed on her arm. I even have a butterfly on my ankle. (I know, I’m crazy.) A neck tattoo, however, is where I would certainly draw the line because, in Snooki’s own words, you will have it forever (or until you get it lasered off).

Snooki, however, defends her decision to ink up her neck.

“I don’t understand the people who look at mothers who have tattoos and say you are trashy or gross. It’s just a tattoo dude, lighten up. Tattoos are beautiful and it’s a personal choice. Some people don’t like tattoos, for others it’s a form of expression. To me it’s art, it’s beautiful, and my body is just a plain canvas that I can fill it up with as much tattoos or anything I want,” she writes.

OK, moms — spill: Do you have a mom tattoo? What are your thoughts on neck tattoos?

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