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Baby names from Supernatural

Whether you are expecting an angel or demon, get into the spirit of the season with these great baby names from The CW’s Supernatural.

Urban fantasy is all over the place these days, from young adult bookshelves to the big screen. Hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer brought paranormal activity to the real world. While it was far from the first, it proved this genre has a loyal following of superfans. Then came Supernatural.

Similar to Buffy, it tells the story of two brothers fighting assorted supernatural beasts on a quest to free their father from a demon. Nine seasons later, the show has sparked novels, comics and even an anime series. And all the fans. They dress up at cons and they write fan fiction, but this is the ultimate test. How many allow their fandom influence the names of their children?

Spooky Supernatural names for boys

Supernatural weaves Christian themes throughout a world of paranormal activity. It borrows many of its angel and demon names directly from the Bible. While fellow superfans will notice your hat tip to the series, others might mistake them for biblical nods.

Adam: half-brother to Sam and Dean
Alastair: a demon
Ash: a hunter
Balthazar: an angel
Bartholomew: an angel
Ben: the 8-year-old son of Dean’s former love interest
Bobby: a hunter and father figure for the main characters
Cain: a demon
Castiel: an angel
Chet: a Leviathan
Christian: a hunter
Dean: one of the two protagonists
Edgar: a Leviathan
Frank: a friend to Sam and Dean
Gabriel: an archangel
Garth: a hunter
Gordon: a vampire hunter
John: father of Sam and Dean
Kevin: a prophet
Michael: an archangel
Raphael: an archangel
Roman: leader of the Leviathans
Rufus: a semi-retired hunter
Sam: one of the two protagonists
Samandriel: an angel
Uriel: an angel
Victor: an FBI agent
Zachariah: an angel

Sassy Supernatural names for girls

You have no interest in giving your girl a once upon a time, happily ever after moniker. Supernatural fans know how badass these ladies can be. Characters like Lenore prove that, even with a softer side, lady vampires are not to be fooled around with. We applaud the writers’ fearlessness when giving feminine names to strong female characters. So often they fall into the trap of thinking unisex or boy names are necessary to convey toughness. Nope.

Amy: a Kitsune
Anna: a fallen angel
Becky: a fan girl of Sam and Dean
Bela: a thief
Charlie: a hunter
Eleanor: a creature from Purgatory
Ellen: a hunter
Eve: the “Mother of All”
Gwen: a hunter
Jessica: Sam’s girlfriend
Jo: a hunter, and the daughter of Ellen
Jody: the sheriff
Krista: a prophet
Lenore: a vampire
Lilith: a demon
Linda: mother of Kevin
Lisa: Dean’s love interest
Maria: a prophet
Mary: mother of Sam and Dean
Meg: a demon
Naomi: an angel
Pamela: a psychic
Ruby: a demon
Tessa: a reaper

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