Jenelle Evans smokes cigarettes while breastfeeding and everyone judges her

The world, and by world I mean Mommysphere, is up in arms because Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans admits she still smokes cigarettes. And she also breastfeeds her 2-month-old baby Kaiser.

On Sept. 12, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans tweeted a photo of her baby daddy Nathan sleeping on a chair and fans were quick to notice a pack of smokes on the floor next to the ottoman.

I think we can all agree that breastfeeding is great for both mom and baby, and it’s nice to see Jenelle making nursing work for her and her adorable son. Breastfeeding can be hard, and a lot of work, and considering Jenelle also has a toddler named Jace she certainly has her hands full.

Full of cigarettes.

Because when eagle-eyed Twitter followers noticed the pack of smokes on the floor in the picture she tweeted Jenelle replied: I’m outside smoking a cig right now lol.

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We all know smoking isn’t a great habit. It’s not healthy, it’s expensive, and for nursing moms it may affect breast milk production. But it’s also none of our business whether Jenelle Evans smokes or not. Moms have it hard enough as it is with being judged by the entire world for how they look after giving birth, how they parent their children, whether they work or stay home, and whether they engage in cigarettes or the occasional cocktail while nursing. I personally feel unless a mom is abusing her kid or neglecting them then it’s no one’s business what they do. Jenelle admitted on Twitter that she only smokes outside, so why do people care what she does? It’s her body and her life, and as long as she isn’t blowing smoke all over her kids it’s no one’s business. I think there are way far worse things she could be doing, like trying heroin again.

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