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9 Family Halloween costumes that will make you glad you had kids

Make Halloween a family affair this year. Dress up your whole gang in themed costumes and go trick-or-treating as a matching crew.


Photo credit: The Smittcamps

As if there aren’t enough sweets involved involved in Halloween, these s’mores costumes will make your night even sweeter.

Fishermen and a Lobster

Photo credit: Meaningful Mama

This proud new mama and papa put a different twist on a nautical theme, dressing up as fishermen and making their little one into their catch of the day.

Super Mario Bros. crew

Photo credit: Maker mama

Forget Minecraft (and try your best to get the kids to forget it, too). Go classic this year with Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang you still love.

Down on the farm

Photo credit: Oopsey Daisy

Take your crew out to the country with this farm-themed ensemble for three.

The Flinstones

Photo credit: Kelsey Lately

Rock it like Bedrockers with this fun family getup.

Cops and robbers

Photo credit: Enjoying Healthy Foods

Be prepared — your kids may nominate you for Parents of the Year for this one. You be the bad guys, and let them be the heroes!

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes, it’s just more fun to be a kid. So what’s better than a night spent playing the boys who will never grow up?

Bakers and their donuts

Photo credit: Pink Pistachio

You are what you eat, and this family is letting everyone know that they definitely have a favorite morning pastry.

Alice in Wonderland

Photo credit:

Go through the looking glass with these Halloween costumes, designed to make you all look like a creepy version of a classic Disney tale.

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