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3 Halloween face paint tutorials that will win your kid Best Costume

The face paint can make or break a costume, and let’s face it, it’s harder than it looks! Become a master overnight with these three easy tutorials.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ninja turtles finished

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are kind of a big deal right now, and their faces are not as easy to paint as you might think. No worries, though. We’ve got your back.


1. Begin by drawing the outline of an eye mask (you can use any of the turtles’ colors).

Turtle 1

Turtle 2

2. Once the mask is completely drawn, fill in with your chosen color.

Turtle 3

3. Paint the remainder of your child’s face green.

Turtle 4

4. Add little curved eyebrows above the mask with black paint.

Turtle 5

5. With your black paint, draw curved face wrinkles around the eye area and on the nose.

Turtle 6

6. Next, draw a small line extending out from the corner of the mouth, and add a little hash-mark to end it. On the opposite corner of the mouth, draw a tongue shape extending out onto the face. This will be the character’s mouth.

Turtle 6

7. Fill this tongue shape with white and add black lines to look like teeth. This makes it look like the turtle is growling!

Turtle 8

Cracked pumpkin face

Cracked pumpkin

Skip the entire face of orange for your little pumpkin and mix things up a bit this year.


1. With orange paint, draw an outline of 3/4 of a pumpkin across your child’s face.

step 1

2. Fill in the outline with orange paint.

Steo 2

3. Next, draw curved lines with yellow paint to give the pumpkin dimension.

Step 3

4. Using black paint, outline the pumpkin and add a triangle over an eye.

Step 4

5. Draw black lines next to the yellow lines to add more dimension.


6. Add a pumpkin stem with green paint and outline it with black.

STep 6

7. For the mouth, draw jagged triangle shapes with black paint and fill in.

Step 7

8. Now it’s time to crack the pumpkin! Draw little jagged lines on the part of the pumpkin that’s missing.

Step 8

9. Finish this look with white highlights around the cracked lines and outside of the missing pumpkin.

Step 9

Skeleton Carmen from The Book of Life

Day of the Dead

Your kids are probably going to fall in love with The Book of Life this October and we loved Skeleton Carmen’s gorgeous sugar-skull look. Celebrate the movie with this tutorial.


1. Begin by painting a white outline of your child’s face. Fill in with white paint, leaving two circles open around the eyes.

Step 1

2. Paint the eyelids blue.

Step 2

3. Fill in the rest of the eye circles with red paint.

Step 3

4. Next, outline the blue area with black paint and carry the black under the eye so the entire eye area is now outlined.

Step 5

5. With orange paint, draw small half-moon shapes around the entire eye area.

Step 6

6. Fill in the orange moon shapes with yellow paint.

Step 7

7. Draw a “skeletal” nose with black paint and fill in.

Step 8

8. Next, paint your child’s lips red.

Step 9

9. Draw a thin black line extending out from each corner of your child’s mouth.

Step 10

10. Along the mouth line, make thin vertical hash-marks.

Step 11

11. Using black paint, draw swirls around the forehead and jawline and black dots down the nose.

Step 12

12. Draw an upside down “spade” with red paint.

Step 12

13. Complete the look by adding orange or yellow outlines to the black swirls for a fun accent.


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