11 Things only working moms understand

All moms are in this together and both working moms and stay at home moms have challenges, blah blah blah.

Here’s the thing, though: There really are differences between our experiences. If you’re a working mom, I have a hunch that you’re incredibly familiar with the following thoughts and feelings.

1. The special hell of morning dawdling

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Child, if you do not get in the car immediately, then I’ll have no choice but to leave you here crying. And at this point, I’m OK with it.

2. Packing a terrible lunch for daycare

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No time to go to the store after work? That’s cool, I’ll just pack these almonds and candy corn for tomorrow’s lunch.

3. Returning to work with “wild maternity leave eyes”

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I have no idea how I’m even at work, since I don’t remember waking up this morning, getting my kid ready for daycare or commuting. I also spent 45 minutes crying in the ladies’ bathroom. I don’t know why you’re paying me to be here right now, but I thank you.

4. The raw excitement of decorating a work space

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Hey everyone! Look at my kid’s picture! Look!

5. Phone calls from daycare

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Kid has a fever at daycare. I wonder if I can finish this project and claim I’m late to pick her up because of traffic? No, quit being a terrible human.

6. “What’s that on your blouse?”

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For the love of God, I don’t know. It might be barf, breastmilk or a melted crayon. And as long as it’s not fermenting or changing colors, the workday must press on.

7. Feeling guilty: All the time

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I regret every choice that led me to this juncture.

8. Occasionally, feeling like a total boss

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Who’s got this working mom thing nailed? Me, losers!

9. The spa-like enjoyment of morning coffee, alone

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Tasteless Keurig coffee and non-dairy creamer never tasted so sweet. What’s that amazing aroma? Ah, yes, the smell of peace and quiet.

10. Traumatic daycare announcements

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19 children came down with explosive diarrhea today? Fabulous, that fits perfectly with the rest of my work week. Glad to hear it. Now we just wait for it to hit my child, right? Is that how this works?

11. “This is different, but is it good?”

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Really, I never imagined that I would work while my kid attends day care. Most days, I feel pretty good about it, because I feel fulfilled and my kid seems happy. It’s different than I thought, though.

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