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DIY magnetic marker holder easy enough for kids to make

Keep markers in their place with this colorful and simple to make DIY magnetic marker holder.

This magnetic marker holder is a great way to keep markers in their place. You can make several to keep in the classroom, or a single marker holder on the fridge at home to use for homework or weekend craft projects.



Cardboard cereal or cracker box
Duck Tape sheet


1. Start by marking the template for your magnetic marker box on the back of the cereal box. Four vertical lines — the first two 1-3/4 inches apart, then 3-1/2 inches apart, then another 1-3/4 inches apart. Four horizontal lines — the first two 3-1/2 inches apart, then another 1-3/4 inches apart, then 3-1/2 inches apart.

Step 1

2. Cut out the box shape.

Cut out box

3. Fold on all the lines.

Fold on lines

4.Tape the magnets in place on the back to secure them before the next step.

Tape down

5. Peel the backing off the Duck Tape sheet, then secure the box to the sheet. Only attach the center, not the side flaps.

Secure to sheet

6. Trim any excess Duck Tape from each side.

Trim excess

7. Fold in sides, and secure with the Duck Tape.

Fold in

8. Repeat with the other side, then cut off the flaps.

9. Cut a notch at each corner at the top.

Cut notch

10. Fold in the Duck Tape flaps. Insert the markers, and your box is finished.


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