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DIY pencil-shaped hall pass for your favorite teacher

Looking for a simple gift for your child’s teacher? Every teacher needs hall passes for students to head down to the bathroom or office, and this hall pass is both functional and decorative.



Paint in pink, gray, yellow and tan
Permanent Marker

1. Measure the width of the pencil on the chipboard. It should be 3.5 inches.

Draw pencil

2. Mark the end for painting in the eraser and metal fastener. One line 2 inches from an end, and one 2-3/4 inches from the same end.

Two lines

3. On the other end, mark 2.5 inches for the pencil point.

Mark 4

4. Mark the point of the pencil in the center of the same end.

Mark point

5. Draw a line from the points in Step 3 to the point in Step 4.


6. Cut out the pencil shape.


7. Paint the pencil shape.


8. Allow paint to dry. Paint the back. Then allow to dry again.

Allow to dry

9. Use permanent marker to outline, draw in the lines, and write the teacher’s name and any other important information.


10. Add a ribbon through a hole at the end, if you like.

Your hall pass is ready to wander the halls of the school

Pencil finished

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