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Michelle Duggar wants her 19 kids to each have 19 kids (VIDEO)

Michelle Duggar says she wouldn’t be surprised if her girls went on to each have 19 kids of their own — and you thought your mom put the pressure on!


I adore Michelle Duggar. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to — that woman is a veritable baby whisperer who I have never seen really even raise her voice above a gentle soothing murmur (seriously she could do soothing meditation tapes as a side business). My passion for her put firmly to one side, her cavalier remark on this week’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting was a tough pill to swallow. Michelle misses having babies around. She misses them so much that she’s starting to put the pressure of reproducing onto her older girls.

Deciding to go ahead and have your first child is a difficult enough decision in and of itself, but going from zero to 19? That’s a daunting proposition for anyone. Of course Michelle would be an awesome grandmother, in fact, she already is. I think she should focus on the kids and grandkids she’s already got and let nature take its course.

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