Instagram account celebrates the hot dads of Disneyland

Sep 17, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. ET
Image: Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's a known fact that dads are more attractive when they're changing diapers and cuddling babies. What you may not know is that hotness increases exponentially when dads step through the gates of Disneyland.

A popular Instagram account is spotlighting the hot dads of Disneyland, and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. There's something inherently swoon-inducing about dudes patiently angling strollers through crowds and getting wrapped up in the magic of intensely happy little kids.

This hot dad will ride the carousel


This guy will hang with all the characters


This beardy babe will push your stroller


This cute dad will carry your Disney swag


I take my kids to Disney fairly often, and I can confirm that Walt Disney World is also a treasure trove of adorable dads. If you haven't seen a grown man walking a tiny princess down Main Street, then you're missing out (on spontaneously ovulating).

The popularity of Disneyland's hot dads proves that guys don't have to flex in the mirror to look sexy. Put up with long lines, heat, crowds and whiny kids, and your hotness factor skyrockets. Climb onto the Teacups over and over, and you're basically irresistible. Put aside your pride and wear the ears? You're the sexiest man alive.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Hot Single Dads of Disney directory. Hook a single mom up.

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