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How to wear your baby’s name without looking like a derp

Between mom jeans, mom haircuts and mom jewelry, I have just one question for all my fellow mothers: Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

We look like derps out there, pouring shame upon our children and unborn future generations. Although I have no answers for mom jeans and the mom bob, I submit that the following mommy jewelry items are a much better alternative to ubiquitous, oversized photo pendants.

Hell, you might even look fashionable.

1. Love link necklace

Love link necklace |

Remember that mom jewelry works best when it leaves something to the imagination. For instance, we love that this necklace is an understated symbol of the bond between mother and child. (Etsy, $44)

2. Sweet heart earrings

Sweet heart earrings |

Look past the design of these classic heart earrings, and you’ll see an image of a mother holding her child in an embrace. How sweet! (James Avery, $69)

3. Antique locket

Antique locket |

Apparently, classic pieces like this Tiffany-lookalike locket can sometimes set mamas back almost two grand. Not so, with this affordable piece that will allow you to hide a picture of your wee one in its design. (Nordstrom, $58)

4. A blingy monogram

A blingy monogram |

Cursive monograms can’t hold a candle to this edgy, diamond-encrusted monogram necklace. It’s sweet and commemorative without looking cheesy. (Laurel & Bleau, $200 and up)

5. Infinity bracelet

Infinity bracelet |

Channel your inner Emily Thorne with this bedazzled infinity bracelet, which represents the infinite love of a mom for her kids. Bonus! There’s room for a birthstone. (Otis B. Jewelry, $28)

6. Tiny birthstone ring

Tiny birthstone ring |

Stackable rings are still all the rage, and these delicate rings don’t disappoint. Add a birthstone for every child to create a stacking wonder of color. (Hip Mom Jewelry, $25 and up)

7. Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet |

Not feeling the gemstones and sparkle? Wear this sporty everyday bracelet instead, and personalize with your child’s name for an extra-special touch. (Colonel Littleton, $32)

8. Teensy initial ring

Teensy initial ring |

If you have more than one kid but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by bejeweled letters, look no further than this tiny ring for moms of two kids. Wear it on your pinkie finger for a cute little reminder of your love. (Etsy, $36)

9. Understated stackables

Understated stackables |

Layer these name-friendly rings with both diamond and metal stackables for a look that easily transitions between work and play. (Laurel & Bleau, $240)

10. Silver bar necklace

Silver bar necklace |

Bar necklaces are on-trend, and you can certainly wear the look in a this mom-friendly, personalized and modern necklace. Each bar contains a gemstone and your child’s hidden name. (Red Envelope, $50 and up)

11. Cocktail locket ring

Cocktail locket ring |

Every woman needs a statement ring like this one, which hides a compartment for a picture of your family — you know, just in case you forget what they look like. (Jenny Dayco, $41)

If all of these options are too fashionable for your tastes, you can always wear a personalized scrunchie in your mom bob. Whatever.

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