I’m tired of Halloween becoming a teen skankfest

Kids love Halloween; what’s there not to like? Dressing up, collecting candy, staying up later than usual on a school night… but for some reason girls turn into teens and think that it’s somehow license to dress inappropriately in sexy Halloween costumes. While most of the time my kids are focused on scoring the next big candy bar and probably don’t notice, I’m tired of Halloween becoming a teen skankfest.

When I was a kid, we used to scour the closet to create Halloween costumes that were creative and fun. Nowadays, and I’m guilty of it as well, parents automatically go to the party store to find a ready-made getup for their kids… and the pickins are getting a little sexy for my comfort zone. While I admit that regardless of my child’s age, I’m ultimately responsible for what they wear, the options for sexy Halloween costumes all the way down to the grade school size are frightening. And, I think it’s sending girls the wrong message.

Here are a few costumes my daughter won’t be wearing.

Girls’ flirty Harley Quinn costume

Flirty Harley Quinn costume | Sheknows.com

At first I thought I had got it wrong and it was actually for adults. But it only comes in junior sizes and is even called a teen costume on another site. I wouldn’t even wear this, let alone my daughter at any age. (Party City, $45)

Teen size Troop 10/31 Girl Scout costume

Girl scout costume | Sheknows.com

I’m sure the Girl Scouts organization hasn’t approved this cringe-worthy costume for teens; and frankly, I think they should petition for it to be pulled from the shelves. This sexy Halloween costume is at least two steps backwards in the message parents are trying to send girls by participating in the Girl Scouts. Shame on you, costume makers. (Candy Apple Costumes, $40)

Major Flirt girls costume

Major Flirt costume | Sheknows.com

So wrong on so many levels, trivializing the women who serve our country with a sexy Halloween costume is bad enough, but to make it a child’s size and call it “Major Flirt?” It makes me want to hurl. (Spirit Halloween, $25)

Disco dress hot pink girl’s costume

Disco Dress costume | Sheknows.com

Oriental Trading Company, I’m so disappointed in you. Not only are you proving the point that this outfit doesn’t belong on a child by putting the model in heels that are too big for her, you layered fishnets under the too-short dress. I may be boycotting your oh-so-affordable merchandise from now out of pure disappointment. (Oriental Trading, $29)

Let me clarify that I don’t think anyone deserves to be raped or assaulted, regardless of what she is wearing. And, I admit I’ve bought my share of sexy Halloween costumes, too, but never wore them around my kids. Yet, with so much talk of sexism and rape, why is it that when Halloween rolls around parents are letting girls wear as little as possible and sending them out to walk the neighborhood?

Ultimately, it’s the parents we should be blaming for buying girls these short skirts and suggestive sexy Halloween costumes. Parents, stop letting your daughters dress like floozies, even if it is just one night a year. Instead teach your kids that you can have fun and be creative on Halloween without leaving little to the imagination. If they’re taught to respect their bodies year-round then maybe they’ll have a better chance of not becoming a victim of rape long after the candy has been put away. I’m tired of Halloween becoming a teen skankfest.

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