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Tips to keep your kids safe and healthy during flu season (VIDEO)

Flu and cold season is already here! With this sudden respiratory flu already on the march, here are some tips to keep you and your kids safe and healthy.


Nobody likes the flu — especially not little ones to whom the illness can be much more serious than in the average adult. In Chicago, they are taking every measure possible to keep the flu out of public schools. A large part of getting this done is promoting awareness. This particular strain of the ev d68 virus is tricky, since it can initially look so much like the common cold when in fact it is anything but. Awareness is certainly key, as is keeping your kid home from school at the first sign of illness. But there are other factors that ought to be considered as well.

Some of them are just good common sense, like making sure you and the kids all wash your hands frequently. Did you know that 20 seconds is the amount of time those little fingers should be under warm water? A trick to help kid remember this, is to have them sing ‘happy birthday’ when they go to wash their hands. In addition, while it’s a nice thing to reach out to sick people, bringing them soup and affectation, resist the impulse to hug or kiss them. That’s how illness spreads. Instead, give them a quick mental squeeze. Your health thanks you in advance!

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