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Things kids are terrible at doing (VIDEO)

It’s not exactly the nicest thing in the world to point out that sometimes kids trying to do stuff and failing is… totally hilarious.


But let’s be honest: We’ve all had a moment (or 12) when a kid trying valiantly to say “spaghetti” and failing over and over has had us all nearly in stitches. Half the fun of growing up is making loads of mistakes. This video catches the cutest errors kids make and presents them for our viewing pleasure.

Kids’ drawings are clearly hilarious. The wee ones barely have fine motor skills, and yet they spend hours crafting drawings just for you. You’d never laugh at your little one for presenting you with their latest work of art — at least, not to their face. Laugh at this video instead! I personally lost it when the clip reaches the “kids are terrible at eating food” segment. Truer words (and funnier, at that) were never spoken. Watch and enjoy!

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