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Celeb bump day: Kate Middleton, Mila Kunis, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell

Ashton Kutcher shared this candid photo as he poses with his makeup-free fiancé, Mila Kunis, who is due with the couple’s first child any day now. Kutcher wears a Chicago Bears jersey and hat, while pregnant Kunis wears a colorful red printed shirt. In case you were wondering, the Bears lost 20-23 to the Buffalo Bills.

The sporty couple has frequently been spotted at Dodgers baseball games. In fact, one of Kunis’ favorite maternity tops is her blue Dodgers tee.

Kunis is gearing up for an all-natural birth. “She’s not nervous at all. She’s been really calm and chill about it all,” an insider told E! News.

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