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Popheads are hysterically ridiculous, and we want three of them

The only thing your daughter’s hair has been missing is volume. Not Jersey Shore volume. We’re talking traffic cone volume. Enter Pophead, the best thing that’s ever been invented.

Pophead |

Is your daughter’s hair boring? Does it sway heavily under the tyranny of gravity? If so, Pophead has the perfect solution in the form of crazy-looking bright-colored cones that you literally stick on the top of your head, cover with hair, and then somehow attach by making a ponytail while bent over trying to stick a cone to the top of your head. Shh, just watch the video.
The point is, this beauty invention is amazing. You can even affix snap-in jewels to it like the flair people buy for their Crocs. You can choose from three sizes, including the super-tall Princess Pop which kind of resembles those awesome cone-hats from the Medieval Faire except instead of being covered in tapestry it’s just your hair. Your hair makes the cone. Your hair makes a giant Seussian cone on the top of your head.

Pophead |

I don’t know about you but the only thing my tween years needed was more reasons to stand out. My massive secretary glasses and braces with color-coordinated rubber bands weren’t enough to really express my individuality.

Popheads are obviously everything that’s been missing from my life and my hairstyle repertoire, which admittedly consists of ponytail and slightly lower ponytail.

I mean look at these happy young women swaying in the sunlight. They’re making it pop. They’re making it pop.
And guys, Pophead hair shapers are made in the USA.
This is the best day ever.

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