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Kids talk features they would like to see in iPhone 6 (VIDEO)

If some brilliant technology company hasn’t hired all of the children featured in this video they are totally missing out.


When asked what they’d do if they were creating the new iPhone 6, these little dudes and dudettes didn’t hesitate to come up with some pretty amazing suggestions. Were there some silly ones? Totally. But, by and large, their ideas? Yeah, they were pretty exceptional. Who hasn’t quietly wished that their iPhone had a button that could teleport them to different locations? I mean, I for one was nodding sagely along with the little girl who suggested that the iPhone 6 have the capabilities of both a butler and chauffeur.

I was really touched (blame it on the PMS) by the totally earnest and beneficent suggestions the kids had too. One little boy suggests that the iPhone feature a button to press to give you a house if you don’t have one. Another thinks it would be a good idea to make an iPhone that you could charge by plugging it into a tree. Excuse me while my ovaries weep at the pure goodness of children. Nothing to see here folks, just a 30-something crying about kids pretending they are inventing phones — move along!

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