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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans criticized for giving her son a mohawk

When Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans debuted her son Jace’s new mohawk on Twitter, the pearl clutchers of the internet lost their minds about it. Why the fuss? It’s not like mohawks are hardcore anymore when little kids are sporting them on the first day of kindergarten.

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Jace got a Mohawk! 😱

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“Cannot believe you did that to a child…disgusting. Nothing cool about that haircut,” said one woman on Twitter. “He already has a horrible mom, a horrible life and a horrible excuse for a family. Now you give him a horrible haircut?” asks another. One of the comments on Instagram thoughtfully adds, “Exactly why my parents never let my brother have a mohawk and why I’ll never allow my son to have one either…straight trailer trash looking.”

Of course, Evans got plenty of support too. I agree with her supporters. A haircut is the least of your concerns when you’re raising a kid. There are bigger fish to fry, like strongly encouraging your child to stop peeing all over the toilet seat. In the spirit of encouraging individuality, here are 10 adorable kids rocking a mohawk.

Kimberly |
Photo credit: Kimberly Grabinski

“I think it’s not a big deal, he wants to express himself in that way and it has no reflection on our values,” says Kimberly Grabinski, who only allows the hairstyle over the summer. “It means you are comfortable enough in your own skin to do something fun and be yourself, which is definitely a trait we want to encourage.”

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#ladybarber #menshair #mohawk #solepatchkc

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Arpil |
Photo credit: April Woods Cary

“I can’t wrap my head around hair being ‘bad.’ What are we teaching our kids if we tell them to judge people based on their hair?” asks April Woods Cary.

Lotus |
Photo credit: Lotus Carroll

“With easy to grant little things, I think he should win and get to be happy. I choose my battles — this is not where I need to put my foot down,” says Lotus Carroll. “I’ll do that in the heavier places, where it counts.”

Janelle |
Photo credit: Janelle Hanchett

“He wanted a mohawk who the hell cares? He had it for a few years. It was fun. He’s 9 today and over it.”

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