Recall: Plum Organics Little Cremes organic rice milk snacks

Plum Organics Little Cremes organic rice milk snacks — meant for older babies and toddlers — have been recalled because they pose a choking hazard. Do you have any in your home?

If you have any Little Cremes organic rice milk snacks around for your baby or toddler, you should know that the company is voluntarily recalling every last packet because they don’t always dissolve in the mouth like they should.

Product description: This recall focuses on all three varieties of Plum Organics Little Cremes snacks. Included are Super Purples (acai, blackberry and purple carrot), Super Reds (pomegranate, beet and berry) and Super Greens (kale, apple and sweet potato).

Affected packages are marked with a “best by” date in the form of 05AUG14 to BB 12AUG15.

Where they were sold: Plum Organics Little Cremes were sold at various retail and online stores for around $3 a package.

Reason for the recall: These recalled baby and toddler snacks were designed to gradually dissolve in a child’s mouth in 20 seconds or less, making them easy to swallow. It was found that some pieces were taking significantly longer than this to dissolve, which renders them a choking hazard. The recall was put into place after consumer complaints, and reports did include injuries.

What you need to do: You should immediately stop feeding these to your children and dispose of them. You can contact Plum Organics for refund information. A receipt or other proof of purchase may be required for a refund.

Company information: You can contact Plum Organics at 866-535-3774, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact them via email at — write “Little Cremes” in the subject line, or see more information at Plum Organics‘ website.

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