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Royal names for Will and Kate’s second baby

His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is going to be a big brother. George’s parents, British royals Will and Kate, have officially announced that there is indeed another bun in the oven. So, of course, as we wait for the new arrival (which is still several months away), we will watch the royal family’s every move and speculate on all sorts of details, from Kate’s maternity wardrobe to (perhaps most importantly) the baby-to-be’s name.

Will and Kate selected their son’s name without influence from other members of the royal family. According to a royal aide, the new parents waited until the prince was born so they could see him before making a final decision on his name.

If baby No. 2 is a boy… we can expect to see a name from the family tree. Prince George was named after six King Georges (along with a respectful nod to St. George, the patron saint of England).

George’s middle names are meaningful as well. Alexander pays tribute to his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, whose middle name is Alexandra. Louis is in honor of Earl Louis Mountbatten, mentor to George’s grandfather Prince Charles.

George’s little brother will likely bear an equally prestigious name from the monarchy. Dad’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, Grandpa’s is Charles Philip Arthur George and Uncle Harry’s given name is Henry Charles Albert David.

So, we might expect some new combination of these names with additions from farther back in history. (Note that a new baby boy would likely have three names like his brother, not four like his older relatives). Royal options might include Philip Henry CharlesEdward Arthur Albertor Augustus William Philip.

But since this second baby is the so-called spare heir, William may choose to deviate from the norm to pay tribute to his late beloved mother, Diana Frances Spencer. The second son’s name might include Francis or Spencer in Princess Di’s honor.

The baby-to-be has a long wait for the throne, coming after Charles, William and George. Since this is not the couple’s first-born, Kate may push for a name from her own family. The duchess’s father is Michael and her brother is James William, so perhaps baby no. 2 will be called Charles Michael William or James Henry Albert.

If baby No. 2 is a girl… we may see something else entirely. Traditional family names are definitely top considerations, but a daughter’s name will most certainly honor Diana. It will be a first or middle name paired with one of a variety of royal options, such as ElizabethAlexandraAnneMary and Charlotte.

Kate’s full name is Catherine Elizabeth. A baby girl might be named Diana Elizabeth or Elizabeth Diana. (Elizabeth, in this case, honoring both mum and the Queen). It’s not likely that a baby girl’s name reflect Kate’s mom Carole or her sister Philippa (aka Pippa).

Don’t worry — the Duchess is still in her first trimester, so we have plenty of time to come up with the perfect name.

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