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Kate Middleton is pregnant again: Get ready for nine long months of the pregnancy police

This is breaking news that you will want to put down your coffee for: Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially expecting their second baby. Now you can throw out all of your Elvis-sighting tabloids that have been claiming her second pregnancy for the past year. Kate is really and truly pregnant, which means nine excruciating months of unsolicited pregnancy judgment.

All I can say is — thank God for the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is so beautiful, elegant and poised. She has shared her wonderful news with the world, and now her loyal subjects are ready to share back, with a few words of congratulations and a heaping truckload of judgment.

This pregnancy police judgment isn’t anything new for the pregnant lady. Just try drinking a cup of coffee or even — gasp! — a glass of wine in public, and see if you don’t get CPS called on you. Since Kate is one of the most important ladies in the developed world, her judgment is a little more specific and ridiculous.

I still can’t get over the fact that Kate wore high heels in March 2013 while carrying a baby in her body. Oh wait. I can because it’s not a big deal, and it’s also none of my business. Beautiful Kate was also scrutinized for her maternity clothing choices during her last pregnancy. Was her maternity wear too stylish? Not enough? Clearly, Kate’s maternity dresses could directly affect her ability to parent. The Duchess couldn’t win.

When Kate was pregnant with Prince George in 2013, she suffered from a serious condition called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Kate is currently being treated for this acute morning sickness again, which “may require additional hydration, medication and nutrients, and will prevent her attending a planned visit to Oxford on Monday. The Duchess of Cambridge required hospitalization during her first pregnancy.”

A condition like hyperemesis gravidarum can be serious and debilitating. The last time Kate was hospitalized for HG, you better believe the peanut gallery had something to say about it. Critics of her condition doubted its severity and even judged her for overreacting by seeking hospital treatment.

Yes, the pregnancy police are out in force, and they are taking no prisoners. I remember these judgey attitudes well from both of my pregnancies. It may be comforting to realize that royals are “just like us” and are subject to the same jerky judgments as we are. Kate is a person and a mother too. She has a serious medical condition that makes her pregnancy more difficult than most. Congratulate her and cut her some slack.

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