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Angry toddler reprimands mom, adorableness ensues (VIDEO)

While the powers of coherent speech might not be something this little toddler named Gabi has mastered quite yet, that isn’t stopping her from letting her mom know that’s she’s had it up to HERE with her creator’s insistence that she do stuff like “not eat rocks”.


GAWD MOM, why won’t you let me live?!

When Gabi’s mom (and documentarian) sweetly tells her to put down a rock, it’s not for eating, Gabi drops the rock — but only so that she can waggle her finger at her mom, and blurt out a bunch of baby-speak with the cutest scowl imaginable on her lips. When her mom tries — managing not to immediately giggle — to find out what Gabi’s so upset about, that is apparently the final straw. This adorable tot, does an about face and storms off dramatically from her mother. Well, as dramatically as is possible if you’re hair is in that high of a ponytail and you’ve got a bandaid on your forehead.

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