DIY kite for those windy days (VIDEO)

Sep 30, 2014 at 9:01 p.m. ET

Need something fun to do on a windy day? Make your own kite! This kite tutorial is awesome because it allows you to decorate it however you want. The paper you use in the directions to make the kite can be creatively designed prior to assembling the kite. Glitter, paint, stickers and other craft supplies are a great way to make this kite your own. The ribbon that is tied on can also help add you (or your kids) own flair to the kite.


  • Two wooden dowels 1/8? in diameter cut to 33? and 24? lengths.
  •  36? wide sheet of paper
  • Twine
  • Packing Tape
  • Ribbon or fabric scraps


1. Cut one wooden dowel to 33” long.

2. Cut one wooden dowel to 24” long.

3. Place the shorter dowel a third of the way down the longer dowel making a “t” Tie the two dowels together and use hot glue for extra strength.

4. Using one string, wrap twine around each end of the dowels to create your frame. Securing with hot glue.

5. Lay kite on top of 36” wide paper.

6. Trim paper leaving a 2” boarder.

7. Tape each corner down with packing tape.

8. Fold sides over and secure with packing tape.

9. On the long dowel measure 5.5” down from the top of kite and add a square of packing tape under dowel.

10. On the same dowel measure 11” up and place another square of tape under dowel.

11. Tie the string to the dowel above packing tape and secure with hot glue.

12. Poke a small hole in the tape to thread string through.

13. Thread the string from the front of the kite through other hole and tie the tread to the dowel. Secure with hot glue.

14. Tie some ribbon to the bottom dowel to be the kite’s tail.

15. Tie the string to the center of the string on kite.

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