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YouTubers bicker over video of baby hearing for first time (VIDEO)

A week ago when Toby Lever posted the two-year-old video of his son Lachlan’s first hearing aids (at the age of 7 weeks old) he probably never imagined it would get nearly 4 million hits in less than a week. But once you view this short clip of this infant’s reaction to hearing for the first time, you, too, will be watching it over and over again like I have.

On the comments in the You Tube post, Lever posts:

“Our beautiful son Lachlan was diagnosed as having moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. When he was 7 weeks old he received his first hearing aids. His reaction when they were turned on was truly amazing. We cried from happiness. Our beautiful little boy is now two years old and doing remarkably well.”

While science gets the credit for this mini-miracle, many comments within the post have viewers battling over religious beliefs instead of focusing on the end result — a baby can now hear the voices of his mom and dad when he couldn’t before. Come on, people, why do you have to ruin this precious moment? Just watch the second Lachlan hears for the first time, let your heart melt and stop bickering about whose beliefs are more important. This child can hear you.

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