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DIY 3-D craft punch wall art for kids

While we love our children and we smile and compliment them on their art projects, those projects often just wind up in a pile somewhere. This craft punch project encourages their creativity, but leaves you with a piece of art that you’ll love to hang.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re ready for a painting project, you go to the hardware store and stand before the rows and rows of paint chips and you feel lost in a sea of choices. I leave the store without paint, but with a huge stack of paint chips to tape to my wall while I mull over my options. Once you’ve finally chosen a color, what do you do with those paint chips? Well, you put them to use, of course. With this fun craft, your kids can recycle those chips into a piece of art that will take flight before their eyes.


3D Punch art supplies |

  • Butterfly punch
  • Paint chips
  • Canvas in the size of your choice
  • Self-adhesive foam mount stickers


3D Punch art stick on |

  1. Collect paint chip samples.
  2. Using your craft punch on your paint chips, have your child punch until until he or she has created a pile of butterflies.
  3. Have your child decide how he or she would like the butterflies placed on the canvas. (We liked the idea of having the butterflies all in a row and then peeling off as if in flight. You could stick with the clean lines or you could even just create a random pattern.)
  4. Have your child apply a self-adhesive foam mount sticker to the back of each butterfly and apply to the canvas until you have created your desired pattern.
  5. Hang and enjoy.

3D Punch art finish sticking |

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