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University offers scholarships to elite video-gamers (VIDEO)

Playing video games might be as essential as doing your homework if you’re counting on scholarships to pay for college.


Robert Morris University in downtown Chicago made an interesting decision when they began to see enrollment numbers at the school dwindle. They invested more money into their athletic scholarships in the hopes of enticing a new influx of students. It’s not like sports scholarships are exactly an uncommon practice in institutions of higher learning. But, one ‘sport’ with a hefty scholarship at RMU has definitely raised a few eyebrows: A scholarship for video game players.

In particular, the school is seeking high-level players of the popular game League of Legends. It might seem eye-roll worthy at first, but then really think about it. Folks who play this game really well have to practice, train, and discipline themselves much like any other type of athlete out there. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded for bringing their unique skill set to their school? Frankly, with the cost of education these days, scholarships of any type shouldn’t be looked down upon.

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