Feral cat gives Maryland elementary students the best Friday ever

These kids are having the best Friday ever. It’s way too early for a snow day — school just started — and already the natives are restless. Perhaps it was one of these conniving little kids who planted a feral cat in their Maryland elementary school to get the day off? The world will never know.

Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, was evacuated this morning because of a crazy cat on the loose. Students were sent home once the wild creature was spotted roaming the halls. Animal control workers were not able to catch the cat, and school was closed so that traps could be set inside.

If this happened years ago at my elementary school, it would have been a tale for the ages. All classes were evacuated, and school closed for the day at 9:45 a.m. Sure, parents may be irritated that they have to leave work early and pick up their kids because of this “emergency” — but come on, people, a cat is on the loose!

In my mind, the feral elementary school cat terrorizing innocent children looks a little something like this:

School cat 01 | Sheknows.com

Photo Credit: gifsoup.com/TMZ

The kids have every right to be afraid because cats are super scary:

School cat 02 | Sheknows.com

Photo Credit: virginmobilefeed.com

But cats are smarter than you think. As soon as the school was evacuated, you can bet that feral cat checked in on Facebook and invited all his feral friends:

School cat 03 | Sheknows.com

Photo Credit: newscatgif.tumblr.com/tumblahgifs.net

School is evacuated, and kids have gone home. Finally, the moment all feral cats have been waiting for:

School cat 03 | Sheknows.com

Photo Credit: gifsoup.com

Or maybe it just wanted to learn:

School cat 03 | Sheknows.com

Photo Credit: blackcatmayhem.tumblr.com/ABC

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I still think this is an inside job. Some sneaky kid probably brought their cat to school and let it loose during the middle of a lesson. Their plan worked perfectly when the cat went apeshit and scared everyone out of the building. Even more suspiciously, this earns the kids a four-day weekend as Monday is Labor Day.

I know that school evacuation should not be taken lightly, but I just can’t get myself to take this seriously. Though parents and teachers are likely irritated that their day was ruined by a crazy little cat, we can all be thankful that this school closing wasn’t related to a bigger issue. Kids get Friday off, and the cat gets to learn. Everybody wins.

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