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Swearing toddler shocks viewers with her ice bucket challenge (VIDEO)

A tiny toddler swears after getting doused with water for the “ice bucket challenge,” and people hate her family for raising such a horrible brat. Why?

The ice bucket challenge has proven to be wildly successful at raising money and awareness for ALS — and it’s also become a massive social media trend. When a toddler saw ice bucket videos on her grandma’s phone, she wanted to take part too, and when the resulting video was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube, people were outraged because the sweet little girl said a whopper of a cuss word.
Her grandma told the Birmingham Mail that they used warm water on the child (you can see there is no ice involved) and they were shocked when she shouted, “F**king ‘ell!” at the end in her adorable little accent. Laughter breaks out, and the video cuts off.

They may have been surprised, but not quite as shocked as all the people watching and commenting on the video have been, however. Here are a few choice comments from the YouTube page:

“Is there anything more repulsive than a child swearing? But you cant blame her. People should have to pass a test before they are allowed to breed to see if they would make good parents. Obviously, the parents of this child would have failed.”

“It’s disgusting to hear a tiny child swearing. What’s worse is the fact that someone has posted this video. Most people would be too embarrassed if they had any shame.”

These selections go a bit deeper into the socio-economic and sexual future of this tiny tot:

“For those saying it ain’t her parents fault, well clearly it is she’s 3 she hasn’t exactly got places to go has she? And her mother is 19. That shows what type of people they are. This girls going to be a slutty unemployed benefits scrounged and council estate chav just like her mother.”

“what kind of parents dump cold water on a 2 year old? the kind of parents that swear alot in front of their 2 year old. girl’s gonna be huffing paint from a paper bag in a gutter or getting her salad tossed for a tenner in 15 years.”

I honestly don’t see what the huge deal is. I don’t think that cussing around kids is a sign of a terrible parent at all, and even the most ardent moms and dads can let one fly in moments of panic or pain. And kids parrot that stuff. For example, my eldest happily shouted, “Bull****!” in the middle of a restaurant when he was 2 years old. Does that make me a bad mom? No.

If your toddler goes around and does nothing but swear, then you’d probably need to make an effort to redirect his language, which this family claims they did after the fact. Don’t be so harsh, people.

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