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Mamas, don’t teach your daughter to garden with menstrual products

From first moon parties to fertilizer, women are taking the whole menstruation-is-awesome cause too far. Period.

You could say I’m pretty natural minded in some areas of my life. I had a home birth, I breastfed, I kept my placenta. Basically, I’m all about girl power.

But I’d rather kill plants than fertilize them with Aunt Flow.

You read that right. Apparently, women don’t need to swing by the gardening store to buy plant fertilizer anymore, they need to empty their menstrual cups. Into a jar. Apparently while my period causes cramps, others do wonders for growing lettuce.

I’m all for organic gardening, but this is ridiculous.

I have a cute little raised bed of veggies at my local community garden where gardeners are required to use organic products. We green-thumb types like to share. I gave someone coffee grounds once. Someone gave me egg shells. No one said “Hi! Your tomatoes sure could use some reddening up — here’s some of my uterine lining!”

Now, I have sons, so that entails all sorts of fun chats about other bodily fluids and functions. But just like I’m thankful for boys every time I walk by the American Girl store, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s period.

When I was a girl, I was told it was Eve’s fault women had to go through the pain of menstruation and childbirth. I was prepared to be miserable every 28 days. Now moms throw first moon parties and bake cakes in honor of their daughters receiving that good ol’ first monthly gift.

All this period-loving, Mother Earth nonsense is going way too far.

Yes, I believe moms should teach daughters to respect their bodies because said bodies can do some pretty awesome, miraculous things. Yes, we should teach our daughters their bodies are beautiful. Yes, we should teach them menstruation is not gross. No, we should not teach them to keep the contents of their Diva Cups in a jar until the start of gardening season.

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