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Does your baby have one of the most unusual names out there? (VIDEO)

Forget popular baby names — here’s what not to name your baby.

Sophia is a beautiful and popular name. Chardonnay? It may be beautiful in its own wine (and also be a very delicious wine, to each their own) but it sure as heck ain’t popular. Neither are some of the names topping the list of the least popular baby names of the year. Naming something — or someone — is no easy feat. You might think it’s funny to name your kid Furious or Coy, but they might grow up to find their moniker a whole lot less humorous than you did once upon a time.

If you want to name your baby something unique (like the name, say, Unique) that is all well and good. But, there’s unique and then there’s crazy. If you feel passionately about living with a creature named something like Checks McDougal, maybe buy a cat and hamper it with such a crazy appellation. But don’t do that to your kid.

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