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Babysitter sets fire to house because kids are disrespectful and other scary nanny stories

I’m lucky enough to have parents close enough to watch my kids on the rare occasion we get a night out, but for parents who rely on a babysitter for child care, you may want to reevaluate who you’re trusting with your kids. From purposely setting your house on fire because your kids are disrespectful to getting drunk while your children are in her care, check out these dangerous reasons why you can’t trust your babysitter with your kids.

The babysitter will set fire to your house. Now, if you’ve ever dealt with a pre-teen you know how it feels to want to smack them in the back of the head from time to time, but babysitter Martha Dreher of Texas had met her limit with these two tween girls — and set their bedrooms on fire when no one was home. Although the caretaker is claiming her innocence, she was reported as telling the children’s father that she had enough of the girls’ disrespect earlier that same day, which automatically puts her in the hot seat.

The babysitter will kick your kid’s a**. We all know that no one loves your little one like you do, but could your toddler be creating feelings of resentment in your child care provider? Athena Skeeter was charged with manslaughter and child endangerment after admittedly “wrestling” with 20-month-old Cardell Williamson and placing him in a bath of scalding water, ultimately resulting in his death. Skeeter admitted to police that she “stepped on his stomach three times,” in addition to other such horrors. My heart breaks for the father of the little boy, who was being cared for by Skeeter as a court-appointed babysitter.

The babysitter will hurt your baby if she won’t stop crying. When it comes to your own infant you can rally the patience of a saint most of the time. But when your baby doesn’t stop crying what will the babysitter do when she loses her cool? Eighteen-year-old Pennsylvania babysitter Rosanna Desinor was charged with killing the 3-month-old in her care when she lost her temper, hitting the infant’s head on the bannister and dropping the baby, then leaving the injured child in the bed after a failed attempt at CPR.

The babysitter will leave your kids in the car. A hot topic on the parenting circuit already, you’d think North Carolina child care provider Anna Elizabeth Conley would be smarter than to leave three children in the car in a Walmart parking lot. She claims to have been in a nearby vehicle, but two reports of unattended screaming and crying kids in a van were enough to send police to the scene where they found the unlocked vehicle running with the air on and a DVD playing.

Your babysitter will get drunk while your children are in her care. Once again is under fire as another babysitter from the child care website is stumbling across headlines — this time in a drunken stupor. When a New Jersey mother came home to a wailing baby as her boozed-up babysitter Susan Porfido-Gibson lay passed out on the floor, she called the cops before Porfido-Gibson darted out the door and drove her car into a fire hydrant. The baby was wearing a soiled diaper and was very distraught, but thankfully unharmed.

These dangerous reasons why you can’t trust your babysitter with your kids have been pulled out of headlines within the span of a week. How confident are you about your child care provider?

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