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Geena Davis admits to overdoing it as a parent (VIDEO)

Geena Davis talks about her “extreme parenting” in this eyebrow-raising video clip. Oh sure, building a sand castle with your kids is all well and good and getting too into it is actually kind of funny… but ignoring them on their birthday in favor of making them an elaborate cake? Oy.


Geena Davis presents as one cool customer, but this proud celebrity mom admits to having one major failing as a parent: She can get a little, uh, too involved in the arts and crafts projects she does with her children. We’ve all been there, where we’re totally all about building this awesome fort with the kiddo but he’s already moved on to the next game. This happens, and it can be hilarious. But Davis freely admits that she takes things to the extreme.

She’s known in her family for making elaborate (and probably delicious) birthday cakes. Unfortunately, she’s also known for totally ignoring the birthday kid… in favor of perfecting the cake! This is an easy one to laugh off, but imagine your mom totally dissing you on your birthday when you were a kid because she was obsessed with perfecting a pavlova or something? That would have been heartbreaking. Geena: Buy an ice cream cake and go hang out with your kids.

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