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If you love George, you’ll love these modern royal baby names

After last year’s royal bump watch, we are over the name George. Have you ever wondered what the other royals are naming their sons?

You probably don’t have the entire world waiting to see what you will name your son, but it might feel that way at times! Parents, co-workers, and even strangers on the street all want to know what names are on your list. You can’t go wrong with names of royals past and present. These names conjure images of refined young princes, dashing kings and brave leaders. Start here and you’ll be sorting through the same baby name choices as Will and Kate.

royal baby names for boys
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Regal baby boy names

Looking for modern royal names for baby boys can be a bit trying — it seems just about everyone these days is having girls. While some of the current royal names honor the relics of the past, the further the child falls in the line of succession, the bolder the name choices get. These names belong to the youngest generation of royal boys from the monarchies of Europe.

Alfons: Prince of Liechtenstein
Arthur Robert Nathaniel: grandnephew of Queen Elizabeth II
Charles Patrick Inigo: grandnephew of Queen Elizabeth II
Christian: Prince of Denmark, elder son of Crown Prince Frederik
Emmanuel: Prince of Belgium, third child of King Philippe of Belgium
Felix: Prince of Denmark, member of the Danish Royal Family
Gabriel: Prince of Nassau
James Alexander Philip Theo: Viscount Severn, youngest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II
Joachim: Prince of Belgium, member of the Belgian royal family
Nicolas: Prince of Belgium, member of the Belgian royal family
Noah: Prince of Nassau
Samuel David Benedict: grandnephew of Queen Elizabeth II
Vincent: Prince of Denmark, younger son of Crown Prince Frederik

Baby boy names from British royal history

We started in the year 849 and scanned the entire British royal family tree, up to the present day. And we came up with… 23 names beyond those listed above. When royalty finds a good name, they pass it on over and over. Do you think any of these classic baby boy names will still be bouncing around a millennium from now?

Alastair: defender; protector of mankind
Augustus: majestic dignity; grandeur
Benjamin: son of the right hand
Edmund: prosperous protector
Francis: free
Frederick: peaceful ruler
Geoffrey: God’s peace
Henry: rules the home
Hugo: intelligent
Jasper: jewel
John: the grace or mercy of the Lord
Leopold: bold for his people
Lionel: young lion
Louis: famous in war
Maximilian: greatest
Michael: poor, humble
Oscar: divine spear
Paul: small, little
Rowan: from the rowan tree
Rupert: bright fame
Thomas: twin
Victor: conqueror
William: determined protector

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