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Wearable baby monitor predicts Baby’s sleep pattern (VIDEO)

Never worry about the batteries in your baby monitor dying again. This new, wireless gadget charges up fast and sends crazy-awesome amounts of data to your phone and other devices.


If there’s one maneuver every parent knows, it’s the dreaded dance of the tiptoes we do past the kiddos’ door when the lights are out and they’ve managed to drift off into dreamland. For the most part, they are out cold. But we’ve been fooled in thinking this before. God forbid our shoes squeak or we sneeze or something else happens to abruptly wake them up and make us have to start the bedtime process all over again.

This new, high-tech baby monitor by Sproutling changes everything. The soft, rechargeable ankle bracelet sends alerts to your phone or other devices. It monitors whether your child is awake or asleep. Then it really goes above and beyond the call of duty, letting you know the temperature of your child and whether the volume in her room is potentially disruptive. This great little gadget is ideal for setting a sleep cycle too. Eventually, after many uses, it can actually “learn” your child’s patterns, letting you know how much time you have until she wakes up. So, wonder no longer whether you’ve got those extra 20 minutes to pop in that last load of whites — this device has got you covered!

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