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This big tablet stops fighting kids fast (VIDEO)

Every parent has witnessed it: The slack-jawed stare that comes over a kid while they space out in front of the TV or a video game.

While there are definitely loads of programs, games, and applications that have a quality educational bent and can help educate and prepare your child for bigger and better things, no one can deny that socially speaking, too much screen-time isn’t always the greatest idea.

With this new tablet by electronics company Fuhu, that is all changing. While their content isn’t quite up to snuff just yet, their format encourages kids to play the device together. They can play with each other, or even with the parents. Monopoly, anyone? It’s like the Jetsons’ version of game night. Totally futuristic, and totally worth checking out. That said, it definitely requires a little bit of supervision. The device weighs 13 pounds and should mostly stay plugged in, since its battery life is limited. If this product is a sign of where technology is headed for children, we’re pretty excited.

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