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Noun baby names that make a statement

A noun baby name is an outstanding way to make a statement.

Using “things” as baby name inspiration is currently a hot trend, but the concept isn’t new… in fact, noun baby names can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

A little neighbor boy once told me that his favorite name was “Pool Table,” LOL. While it has potential as a noun baby name, it’s a little too out-of-the-box to be taken seriously. To make a real statement, a noun baby name should be less about your leisure activities — Football, Garden, Piano — and more about the bigger picture.

The secret to finding a name from common words is to choose a “thing” that’s meaningful yet still at least resembles something you’d find on a birth certificate or passport.

Spiritual words make beautiful baby names. Heaven, Angel and Trinity are especially lovely for girls, while spiritual boy names include Church, Christian and Canon. For easy inspiration, look around your church, delve into the Bible or mull over your favorite hymn.

Similarly, virtues provide outstanding name inspiration. Virtue baby names were a popular choice for Puritan parents, who named their babies after the traits they hoped the children would develop. Traditional virtue names are primarily feminine, such as Charity, Faith, Grace, Honor, Joy, Justice, Patience and Serenity. Masculine options might include Drive, Loyal, Merit, Noble, Prosper, Sincere and Valor.

Noun names can also pay tribute to nature. Flower names such as Violet, Daisy, Rose and Lily are ideal for baby girls, while Flint, Forest, River and Sage work perfectly for boys. Other nature names include Skye, Rain, Blossom and Fern. One look outdoors is all it takes to get inspired.

In olden times, surnames often reflected one’s occupation. Many of these monikers have found their way into the number one slot, particularly for boys: Archer, ChandlerHunter, Mason, PorterRanger, Tailor, Tanner, Thatcher.

A noun baby name doesn’t have to come from a concept such as spirituality or virtue — it can simply be something that you find appealing:

Ready to get started? Drag out the dictionary, flip the pages and start brainstorming.

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