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Badass baby names from Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy premiered on FX in 2008 and is the network’s highest-rated series ever. SOA is an outlaw motorcycle club with charters all over the world. The hit TV show focuses on the founding chapter, Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, aka SAMCRO or Sam Crow.

Sons of Anarchy kicks off its seventh (and final) season in September 2014. In SOA’s honor, we’ve compiled a baby name list that pays tribute to the series colorful characters. To help us keep them all straight, we’ve notated main characters (M), supporting characters (S) and antagonists (A).

Season 1 (2008), filled with plenty of lawbreaking and conflict, introduced us to the show’s major players:

  • Jackson/Jax, the show’s star/vice president of SAMCRO (M)
  • John, Jax’s deceased father and co-founder of SAMCRO (S)
  • Piermont/Piney, co-founder of SAMCRO (M)
  • Wendy, Jax’s meth-addict wife
  • Abel, Jax and Wendy’s infant son
  • Gemma, Jax’s mother (M)
  • Clarence/Clay, Gemma’s husband/former president of SAMCRO (M)
  • Tara, Jax’s ex-girlfriend (M)
  • Josh, Wendy’s ex-boyfriend/ATF agent
  • Alexander/Tig, SAMCRO most violent member (M)
  • Filip/Chibs, Scottish SAMCRO member (M)
  • Robert/Bobby, SAMCRO member (M)
  • Harry/Opie, SAMCRO member/Piney’s son (M)
  • Juan Carlos/Juice, SAMCRO intelligence officer (M)
  • Otto, SAMCRO member (S)
  • Happy, nomadic SOA member
  • Kip/Half-Sack, prospective SAMCRO member (M)
  • Chuck/Chuckie, Otto’s prison friend (S)
  • Cherry, Clay’s mistress
  • June, ATF agent (A)
  • Wayne, corrupt police chief (M)
  • Luann, Otto’s wife
  • Donna, Opie’s wife

The much-anticipated season 2 kicked off with intense action, drama and new characters:

  • Ethan, League Of American Nationalists leader (A)
  • A.J., Ethan’s enforcer (A)
  • Polly, Ethan’s daughter
  • Georgie, Luann’s rival
  • Jimmy, head of the IRA (A)
  • Edmond, Polly’s lover
  • Cameron, Edmond’s father

Season 3 (2010) added more new characters to the already-complicated mix in the make-believe town of Charming:

  • Nate, Gemma’s father
  • Fr. Kellan, Cameron’s cousin/IRA intermediary
  • Maureen, Fr. Kellan’s sister
  • Amy, June’s ATF partner
  • Elliott, local real estate developer
  • Hector, former president of the Calaveras Motorcycle Club
  • Margaret, Tara’s boss (S)
  • Marcus, Mayans leader (A)
  • Jacob, mayoral candidate (S)
  • Lenny, Niners member

In 2011, SOA fans eagerly returned for the fourth season to meet the latest in the ongoing saga:

  • Eli, sheriff’s department lieutenant (S)
  • Lincoln, U.S. attorney
  • Lyla, Opie’s fiancée
  • Laroy, Niners member
  • Veronica, Laroy’s murdered girlfriend
  • Romero/Romeo, high-ranking member of the Galindo drug cartel (S)
  • Luis, CIA agent
  • Damon, powerful gangster/father of Veronica (A)
  • Thomas, son of Jax and Tara
  • Nero, Mexican-American pimp/head of Byz Lats
  • Lucius, Nero’s developmentally disabled son
  • George/Ratboy, prospective SAMCRO member

Seasons five and six were loaded with retaliation and conflict among the gangs:

  • Frankie, nomad
  • Lee, former U.S. Marshal (A)
  • Pamela, murdered sister of Lee
  • Henry, Chinese-American Lin Triad leader
  • Galen, IRA arms trafficker (A)
  • August, Damon’s right-hand man
  • Charles, a crooked cop, aka Charlie

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