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Hebrew baby names for boys and girls

Hebrew baby names run the gamut from ancient to modern. We’ve compiled a most excellent combined list that should satisfy everyone.

Many Hebrew names are terrifically familiar, while others sound unique and exotic. And while some are drawn from the Bible, many are inspired by nature and are thus suitable for children of any religious or ethnic background.

Here, we’ve listed Hebrew names for each letter of the alphabet (except W, which doesn’t translate well from Hebrew to English).

Hebrew baby names for boys

Look past the popular Mason and Aiden and consider a standout Hebrew moniker:

  • Ari: Lion, eagle
  • Boaz: Swiftness, strength
  • Caleb: Faith, devotion
  • Dagan: Grain, earth
  • Elias: The Lord is my God
  • Foma:  Twin
  • Gideon: Feller of trees, powerful warrior
  • Hiram: My brother is exalted
  • Isaac: Laughter
  • Jordan: Down-flowing
  • Kaleb:  Bold and faithful
  • Levi: Joined
  • Mazor: Bandage
  • Noah: Comfort
  • Oren: Pine tree
  • Pazel: God’s gold
  • Qorban: Come close
  • Rozen: Ruler
  • Simeon: To hear, to be heard
  • Tor: Thunder
  • Uriah: God is my light
  • Veniamin: Son of the right hand
  • Ximon: God is heard
  • Yago: Supplanter
  • Zev: Wolf

Hebrew baby names for girls

This list goes beyond the somewhat overused Emmas and Sophias to offer truly unique names that will stand out among your daughter’s peers:

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