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12 Ways to celebrate Labor Day with young and restless children

I used to love random patriotic holidays, and then I had kids. This isn’t a sad diatribe about being a parent. I actually love spending time with my kids and creating new memories, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that holidays are a little different when you have young children.

Perfect example — I will not be spending this Labor Day drinking too much, eating too much and laying out in the sun. I will probably spend the holiday breaking up fights between my toddlers and praying that they don’t get heatstroke if we spend more than 20 minutes in direct sunlight.

But I have learned a valuable lesson in my three years of having babies and now toddlers. Roll with the punches, come up with a few asinine activities and your children will think you’re a hero. You heard it here first. Labor Day can still be a good time if you adjust your expectations and think of creative ways to entertain your kids: 

1. Take a nap

Take a nap |

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And then when you’re done, take another one.

2. Turn on the hose

Turn on the hose |

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That’s really all you need to do.

3. Set up a kiddie pool

Set up a kiddie pool |

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Use the cool pool water to float your beer, while pretending it’s “all for the kids.” 

4. Hand out Popsicles

Hand out popsicles |

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Wait until they melt — and then give them more.

5. Walk around the block

Walk around the block |

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If your kids are really young, this could take all afternoon.

6. Sing a song about America

Sing a song about America |

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This could also take all afternoon.

7. Wave flags

Wave flags |

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Kids love this shit.

8. Go on a day trip

Go on a day trip |

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Try your best to be festive and have fun. In reality, prepare for lots and lots of crying in the car.

9. Dye their baby formula blue

Dye their baby formula blue |

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KIDDING. This is festive but probably unsafe. Please find other ways to celebrate.

10. Eat patriotic Jell-O

Eat patriotic Jell-O |

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Red, white, and blue Jell-O will be the literal highlight of your toddler’s week.

11. Paint your nails red, white and blue

Paint your nails red, white, and blue |

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I’m going to be honest — this really has nothing to do with children.

12. Put them to bed early

Put them to bed early |

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It’s a holiday, and they can’t tell time. It’s the perfect crime.

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