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Here are the only 6 Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora toys on the entire internet

Love Guardians of the Galaxy? You’re in luck. You can buy Peter Quill’s mix tape, a Groot backpack or a Rocket Raccoon doll. Love female superheroes? Yeah, not so much.

Gamora is the most dangerous woman in the galaxy and a key component of the film’s plot. But you won’t see her on backpacks or towels or clothing for kids. Want Gamora on a shirt? You’re out of luck. Kids’ retailers are putting the Guardians of the Galaxy T- shirts in the boy’s sections, and they’re removing Gamora from the lineup.

Here’s the Disney Store’s “tee for boys” featuring all of the Guardians except Gamora. Because ew, girls.

Gamorra disney shirt |

The assumption that boys don’t want to play with female heroes has got to go. Heroes like Black Widow, Wonder Woman and Gamora shouldn’t be erased so that boys don’t accidentally get girl stuff on them. Girls and boys should be able to find just as many girl superheroes as boy superheroes on toys and clothing. Otherwise we’re giving kids the message that female heroes are different and less than male heroes.

For those boys and girls who are wondering where the hell Gamora is, we’ve collected the best the only Gamora toys out there. Yep. This is it. This is all 6 things.

Action figures |

Preordered sets of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes figures feature Gamora and Star Lord. (Toys R Us, $36)

Gamorra figures |

Don’t be fooled by the photo, you can actually order a Gamora figure individually. (Think Geek, $24)

Gamorra bobble head |

Let’s just ignore the fact that they call this bobble-head Gamora figure “glam guardian.” (Disney Store, $10)

Gamorra action figure |

Gamora has a cool weapon in this set, but you have to purchase her along with Star Lord. (Disney Store, $8)

Gamorra mini figurine |

If you want a Gamora mini figurine you have to buy seven guys with her. (Luke’s Toy Store, $32)

Gamorra mini figurine lego set |

Apparently this huge Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO set includes a tiny Gamora minifigure. (The LEGO Store, $75)

Do you think toy companies and clothing companies should offer more Gamora merchandise?

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