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Ginger watermelon and 6 other ideas to upgrade fruit

Giving your child a piece of fruit for an after-school snack is about as exciting as a sad trumpet.

It’s hard to deny, though, that fruit is a wildly healthy alternative to popular snacks like cookies and chips. Mom, use these flavoring tips to turn a boring piece of fruit into your child’s favorite after-school snack.

1. Sprinkle cantaloupe with sea salt

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, ladies. Just a hint of sea salt brings out the intense sweetness of cantaloupe for a mildly savory and juicy treat.

2. Whip together a peanut butter apple dip

Slathering apples with peanut butter is a trick as old as time, but your kids will go nuts for this updated peanut butter and honey recipe. It’s a creamy dip that features Greek yogurt, honey and nuts, and it’s perfect for dipping apples of all varieties.

3. Grate ginger on watermelon

Watermelon hardly needs any embellishment, so the subtle kick of ginger is enough to add plenty of excitement. Slice the watermelon and grate a hint of fresh ginger on top for a spicy and juicy treat.

4. Mix peaches with vanilla bean

Ever grilled a peach? It’s to die for, especially when you spread fresh vanilla bean on the sliced peaches before grilling. Open flames crystallize the fruit’s sugars and spices for a warm, gooey and delicious mess.

5. Douse blueberries with coconut

Of course, blueberries pair great with freshly grated coconut, but it’s hard to transport all those tiny parts into your child’s tiny mouth. Instead, whip up a coconut-blueberry treat by blending one cup frozen blueberries with a can of coconut milk, a banana and 10 ice cubes for a sip-able snack.

6. Turn kiwis into ice pops

Remove the skin of 10 kiwis, and toss the fruit into a blender with a half-cup of fresh lime juice. Pour the blended concoction into ice pop forms for a tangy and refreshing after-school treat.

7. Sprinkle thyme on oranges

Citrus meets its match in savory thyme. The mixture is a classic sauce for poultry, but it’s just as good on a fresh fruit snack since thyme makes an orange’s flavor take center stage. Simply slice an orange vertically and sprinkle a tiny dose of fresh thyme for a mouthwatering treat.

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