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9 Awesome homework station ideas for every size house

Help motivate your kids to hit their homework head-on by setting up a homework station where they actually want to be.

1. Cozy little homework station

Awesome homework station 1

Photo credit: The Friendly Home

We love the reading loft on top of this cozy little homework station. It’s the perfect place to curl up and complete a reading assignment.

2. Pint-sized homework station

Awesome homework station 2

Photo credit: Tiny Oranges

The littlest kiddos need a homework station made to fit them, and this bright, pint-sized area is perfect.

3. Stylish homework station

Awesome homework station 3

Photo credit: Naturally Caffeinated Family

If your kids’ workspace is going to be in a main room in your home, you want it to be functional for them, yet still visually appealing for both adults and children. This one uses sleek, black furniture to blend in with the rest of the home, but adds bright punches of color and a chalkboard to make the space perfectly kid-friendly.

4. Art and homework workstation

Awesome homework station 4

Photo credit: The Crafted Sparrow

All the bright colors and pretty decor is great if you have a house full of girls, but boys will be boys, and they tend to be less excited at sitting down to a bright pink desk. Instead, design an area they’ll know was made just for them.

5. Kitchen homework station

Awesome homework station 5

Photo credit: Craft-O-Maniac

We really love how this homework station is designed to fit right into your kitchen, so you can keep an eye on the kids while making dinner.

6. Closet homework station

Awesome homework station 6

Photo credit: I heart organizing

Not every kid’s room has room for a complicated homework station, so one momma solved that problem by moving the work area into his closet. We love how this keeps the desk area separate from the rest of the room, but we do wonder where his clothes are hanging.

7. Chalkboard tabletop homework stations

Awesome homework station 7

Photo credit: My Creative Ways

The chalkboard tabletops on these homework stations are perfect for working out math problems, taking notes or keeping to-do lists.

8. Repurposed crib homework station

Awesome homework station 8

Photo credit: I Know the Plans I Have for You

Do you have an old, unused crib taking up space in your basement or attic? Follow one mom’s lead and turn it into a homework station big enough for two.

9. Mobile homework station

Awesome homework station 9

Photo credit: Uncommon Designs

Not everyone has the space for a permanent homework station. If that’s the case, try this mobile version, that lets you keep all their homework supplies on hand. Get it out when it’s homework time, and hide it from sight when it’s not.

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