12 Cute kid products for Shark Week

Aug 11, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. ET
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It's time for Shark Week, Discovery Channel's annual ode to all things shark. For those of us who already "celebrate" shark week once a month, it's also a chance to be excited about cute sharks and not cramps. Here are 12 adorable products for the littlest shark fans in your family.

Amazing shark leotard

Shark leotard | Sheknows.com

She's into sharks and tutus? No problem. This brilliant shark leotard tutu will definitely be the best outfit at dance class. It comes in adult sizes, too. I'm just saying. (Etsy, $48)

Helpful shark labels

Shark labels | Sheknows.com

I bought a pack of these custom labels four years ago and I ration them out each year for backpacks and lunch boxes. For Shark Week, Mabel's Labels is offering a 30 percent discount on their shark-themed labels. (Mabel's Labels, $21)

Robot shark shoes

Robot shark shoes | Sheknows.com

My kids hate flip-flops and we live near the beach. I fork up the cash for Crocs to save my sanity. These robot light-up shark Crocs are preschooler-friendly — they're not too scary, but they're not baby-ish either. Also, robot sharks that light up. Come on. (Crocs, $50)

Terrifying shark backpack

Shark backpack | Sheknows.com

Confession: I'm actually really scared of sharks. Blame it on my Florida upbringing. Sometimes sharks eat people here. As a result, I think this shark backpack is terrifying. But your tween will probably think it's amazing. (Mojo Backpacks, $48)

Shark bento lunch box

Shark bento lunch box | Sheknows.com

When it comes to packing lunches, I don't make cute little designs, but I do use bento boxes. It's the simplest way for me to toss in a lot of fiddly little healthy snacks my kids like. This new shark bento box kit has a cute but not too cutesy design your kid won't be embarrassed by. (Laptop Lunches, $40)

Ridiculous shark hat

Shark hat | Sheknows.com

Your kid doesn't need this shark hat. No one needs this hat. But don't you want to buy it anyway so that you can stick it on your kid and flood your Instagram feed with #sharkweek photos? (Amazon, $5)

Huge shark plushie

Huge shark plushie | Sheknows.com

This huge shark plush toy is either an awesome way to avoid fear of sharks or a surefire way to cause fear of sharks. (Amazon, $34)

Actual shark dirigible

Shark dirigible | Sheknows.com

The only thing scarier than a shark is a shark that can fly. Play out your worst nightmares with this remote controlled shark blimp dirigible thing. (Amazon, $26)

Deceptively cute shark costume

Shark costume | Sheknows.com

Get a jump start on Halloween with a tiny infant shark costume. This is how sharks lure you in — with their adorable flappy fins. (New Egg, $38)

Cute shark towel set

Shark towel set | Sheknows.com

This shark bath towel set is cute without being overly cartoonish. No one likes a bathroom that looks like Caillou threw up in it. (Pottery Barn Kids, $40)

Giant shark sleeping bag

Giant shark sleeping bag | Sheknows.com

While probably not for the budget-minded, this enormous shark sleeping bag still gets points for being multi-purpose. The dorsal fin becomes a pillow.  (My Chum Buddies, $230)

Block print shark T-shirt

Block print shark tee shirt | Sheknows.com

No hip kid's wardrobe is complete without a block print shirt. This one can be custom-printed on a ton of different colors. (Etsy, $15)

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